Articles in the most recent Journal of Transpersonal Psychology

    JTP: 2014, Vol.46 #1

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  • Genie Palmer, Ph.D.: Remembering Arthur Hastings (1935-2014)
  • Massimo Rosselli, M.D., Duccio Vanni, M.D. : Robert Assasgioli and Carl Gustav Jung
  • Travis E.B. Cox, M.A.: Transpersonal Agroecology: The metaphysics of alternative agricultural theory
  • Haslina Muhamad, Ph.D. John Roodenburg, Ph.D., Dennis W. Moore, Ph.D.: The Expressions of Spirituality Inventory: Evidence for the cross cultural validity in Malaysian context
  • Russell Stagg, Ph.D.: The Nadir Experience: Crisis, transition, and growth
  • Jeannine A. Davies, Ph.D.: Relational Dharma: a modern paradigm of transformation — A liberating model of intersubjectivity
  • Reviewed by Stafford Betty: Science and the afterlife experience by Chris Carter
  • Reviewed by Kyriacos C. Markides: The Great Partnership: Science, religion, and the search for meaning, by Jonathan Sacks
  • Reviewed by David Lukoff: Exploring frontiers of the mind-body relationship. New York, NY: Springer, Edited by, MOREIRA-ALLMEDIA, ALEXANDER and SANTOS, FRANKLIN SANTANA
  • Reviewed by Brian Les Lancaster: Brain, self and consciousness: Explaining the conspiracy of experience, by MENON, SANGEETHA
  • Editor: Books our editors are reading
  • Editor: FLYER FOR XVI Eurotas Conference in Crete