Articles in the most recent Journal of Transpersonal Psychology

    JTP: 2013, Vol.45 #2

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  • Monika Goretzki, Ph.D., Michael A. Thalbourne, Ph.D., Lance Storm, Ph.D.: Development of a Spiritual Emergency Scale
  • Edward J. Dale, M.Sc.: Neo-Piagetian Transpersonal Psychology: A New Perspective
  • Mariana Caplan, Ph.D.,Adriana Portillo, M.A.,Lynsie Seely, M.A.: Yoga Psychotherapy: The Integration of Western Psychological Theory and Ancient Yogic Wisdom
  • Robin S. Brown, M. Sc: Beyond the Evolutionary Paradigm in Consciousness Studies
  • Rockey Robbins, Ph.D., Ji Y. Hong, Ph.D.: Building Bridges Between Spirituality and Psychology: An Indigenous Healer’s Teachings About Befriending the Self
  • Reviewed by Samuel Bendeck Sotillos: BOOK REVIEW: Wisdom of the senses: The untold story of their inner life. by J. Herlihy
  • Reviewed by Chanell Jaramillo: BOOK REVIEW: Awaken inside yoga meditation by Jaganath Carrera
  • Reviewed by Jay Dufrechou: BOOK REVIEW:The rebirth of the hero: Mythology as a guide to spiritual transformation by Keiron Le Grice
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