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As we move through  the 21st century, ATP is dedicating itself to promoting a vision of the universe as sacred. To this end, ATP encourages spiritual democracy; rigorous inquiry into the multiplicity of techniques, disciplines, and methods for exploring personal spirituality and traditional cultural practices; and recognition of how the sacred is imbedded in all experience. Our members are represented in more than 40 countries, and ATP provides a forum for transpersonal organizations worldwide. Membership is open to anyone with transpersonal interests.

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Association for Transpersonal Psychology
  • Erica Anderson, Board Member
  • Sasha Avanesov, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Frank Echenhofer, Board Member
  • Harris Friedman, Board Member
  • Glenn Hartelius, Board Member
  • Jacob Kaminker, Board Member
  • Les Lancaster, Board Member
  • Fredrick Luskin, Board Member
  • Steven Schmitz, President
  • Beth Cooper Tabakin, Vice-President
  • Daniel Gaylinn, Executive Director
  • Marcie Boucouvalas, Editor JTP
  • Brant Cortright, Board Member
  • Olga Louchakova, Board Member

Past Presidents

  • David Lukoff
  • Stuart Sovatsky
  • Alyce Green
  • James Fadiman
  • Frances Vaughan
  • Arthur Hastings
  • Daniel Goleman
  • Robert Frager
  • Ronald Jue
  • Jeanne Achterberg
  • Dwight Judy

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