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After three years of preparation, our new podcast, Deep Transformation: Self-Society-Spirit has finally launched.

The title, Deep Transformation: Self-Society-Spirit says a lot about what we hope to offer: namely, deep reflections on inner work, transformation, our individual and collective potentials, contemplative practices, and their application to the great social and global issues of our time.

To do this, we are dialoguing with some of the world’s leading thinkers, innovators, contemplatives, and activists. Together we are exploring the great questions of our time, and of all times: questions such as how to live life to the fullest, what are our potentials and possibilities, what practices best reveal these, and how we can contribute most effectively and preserve our planet in an era of unprecedented challenges and opportunities.

We are privileged to have a wonderful roster of guests, and the dialogues have been an extraordinary gift for us, the interviewers, and also apparently for listeners. Our guests include:

  • Zen master and author Roshi Diane Hamilton
  • Chess grandmaster, philosopher, and author, Jonathan Rowson
  • Steve McIntosh, political writer, and author of Developmental Politics.
  • Rick Hanson, creator of the field of neurodharma

Scheduled interviews include:

  • Julia Kim MD of the Bhutan Gross National Happiness Center
  • James Orbinsky MD, director of the New York University Institute for Global Health, and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize for Doctors Without Borders

And many more truly remarkable pioneers and contributors

For further information, links to episodes, and more, visit our website    and for a trailer visit

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My cohost, John Dupuy and I are doing this as a labor of love to try to highlight important people and ideas at a time when our troubled world desperately needs them. Please feel free to offer us feedback and suggestions at

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Dr. David Lukoff and Dr. Cassandra Vieten Have Launched the Spiritual Competency Academy, January 2022

After a year of preparation, Dr. David Lukoff and Dr. Cassandra Vieten have launched the Spiritual Competency Academy, a new education and training company. SCA offers comprehensive training in evidence-based approaches to spirituality and mental health at no cost. The Spiritual Competency Academy offers mental health professionals a selection of unique courses that provide you with the skills and knowledge to become more spiritually competent.

Dr. Lukoff and Dr. Vieten are internationally recognized leaders in the field of spirituality and mental health. Dr. Lukoff is co-author of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, Fifth Edition (DSM-V) category on Religious and Spiritual Problems. Dr. Vieten is co-author of the book Spiritual and Religious Competencies in Clinical Practice: Guidelines for Psychologists and Mental Health Professionals. Both serve on the American Psychological Association Division 36 Task Force on Spiritual and Religious Compentencies. Together, they have authored dozens of publications and are international keynote speakers on the topic of spirituality and health.

All of the 30+ online courses are completely free and open source (do not require permission to use in courses or workshops). CEs for CME, APA, MFT, LCSW, RN, etc., are available for healthcare professionals for a fee. On YouTube, we have 35 videos that can be used in courses related to transpersonal psychology. 

For more information go to: